Posted by: Joi | 2009/07/27

Amanda’s first special!

P7280005My First Special this week~ Luscious Lemon or Coconut Baby Bundt Cakes! Great with coffee or tea for a mid-morning treat or add wonderful sliced seasonal fruit to make an outstanding dessert. Just small enough to not arouse feelings of guilty indulgence, but a big, rich, taste to satisfy. Both can be made dairy-free upon request.

$4 each or 2 for $7.

Order in the comments 🙂

Posted by: Joi | 2009/07/06


This week’s special (July6) is all for my vegan homies. Vegan coconut cupcake love. You know you just can’t resist. $2.00 each buy 10 get 2 free!

(all those interested in ordering please leave a comment)

Posted by: Joi | 2009/06/22

2 week special

Just in time for your 4th of July parties I am offering a 2 week long special on ice cream sandwiches. I am offering you either double chocolate cookies with your choice of mint or coffee ice cream OR chocolate chippers with your choice of vanilla or chocolate icecream! $2.50 each

(if you are interested in ordering please leave a comment)

Posted by: Joi | 2009/06/07

strawberry clouds

strawberry clouds

strawberry clouds

the super delicious special this week….

chocolate dipped fresh strawberry marshmallows.

$1 each buy 10 get 2 free!

Posted by: Joi | 2009/06/05

ol’ miss

mississippi mud cake

mississippi mud cake

good ol southern cake for a special birthday

Posted by: Joi | 2009/06/03


My special this week will be ready for pick up on Friday….. I am offering mini cupcake love. You can either have chocolate or vanilla cake with either chocolate or vanilla frosting. You can have sprinkles too if you like. They are $1 each buy 10 get 2 free!!

Next week it will be something with strawberries. Strawberry mini refrigerator pie? Strawberries dipped in chocolate? Strawberry shortcakes???

Posted by: Joi | 2009/05/31

ice cream cake redux

for angie

for angie

I forgot to take a picture of the other cake I made (I only crumb coated it so it wouldn’t have been that pretty anyway) I also forgot to take a picture of the brownies I made. I am a bad bad blogger. So here is some a cold ice cream cake I made for Angie.

I will let you know Tuesday what my specials for next week are…

Posted by: Joi | 2009/05/25

special o the week

outrageous brownies.
$2 each buy 5 get 1 free 🙂

Posted by: Joi | 2009/05/16

tiny dancer

pavlova with cream and berries

pavlova with cream and berries

so light…. so lovely…… you know you want it 😉

Posted by: Joi | 2009/05/15

going going…

Only 2 crumbles left!

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